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Berger bullets are consistently found in the winner's circle of nearly every shooting competition.


  • Berger Target Bullets

    The Berger Target bullet line is made up of the many legendary bullets that have been winning matches and setting records for decades. Berger Bullets was started because Benchrest Hall-of-Famer Walt Berger wanted better results while competing in target shooting matches.

  • Berger Varmint Bullets

    The Berger Varmint bullet line includes those bullets that are most commonly used by precision oriented varmint hunters. These bullets are proven in the field to provide exceptional accuracy and a level of expansion that best suits a given varmint or predator application.

  • Berger Hunting Bullets

    The Berger Hunting bullet line is proving to be the most lethal big game hunting bullets available. All of the Hunting bullets are made in the VLD design.

  • Berger Tactical Bullets

    The Berger Tactical bullet line bridges the gap between functionality and the highest possible ballistic performance. Each Tactical bullet is designed with a specific cartridge in mind that is used most commonly in tactical competition and against bad guys.